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With everything that is going in Belgium right now, the 1918 wordless novel The Passion of a Man (25 images de la passion d'un home) by Frans Masereel speaks for itself. The silent story is about a young working-class man who protests injustice against the working class in an industrialized society. He is executed by the authorities for leading a revolt against his employer.


willows rooted

louise & sine

louise bourgeois in her studio

sine van menxel, part of the 'Fencing a Piece of time' exhibition



now @ the Scheldestad

Tom Poelmans “For the wind will blow my name across this land”, exhibition at Base Alpha Gallery, Antwerp, until 29.11.2014

"New Masters", group exhibition at De Lange Zaal, Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, until 12.12.2014

Nel Aerts, "Doppelganger", exhibition at Trampoline Gallery, Antwerp, until 29.11.2014


Hungarian Cubes

"Hungarian Cubes. Subversive ornaments in socialism", edited and photos by Katharina Roters, published by Park Books, 2014.

"German-Hungarian artist Katharina Roters has produced a series of photographs documenting the ornamental patterns added to standardised dwellings in HungaryThe Hungarian Cube is a regimented type of home dating back to the 1920s, which can be found in many of the country's towns and suburbs. The buildings have become closely identified with post-war communism, and were often decorated by residents, creating an inadvertent protest against standardization." Read more about it here.


all by Denie Put

Put 35 Sculptuur de Callais, 2014
Put 3 Betonkliever, 2014
Put 22 Sunny, 2014
Put 66 Dromer, 2014
Put 12 Nen Diesel, 2014


walking around antwerp

the Unitas-Garden-Suburb housing project (1923-1932) in Deurne, by Eduard Van Steenbergen
private residence in Deurne, by Eduard Van Steenbergen
private villa in Deurne, by N. Kaplansky
V. Van Rossem house in Deurne, by Walter Van den Broeck (1932)
the Renaat Braem house (1957) - open for visits


earlier this week

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Portfolio of Piles

A Portfolio of Piles, b
ook edition of 555
Vancouver, Fine Arts Gallery, University of British Columbia, 1968

"Piles are not pretentious--they are just there being beautiful and doing their thing. Why piles? The structure is usually determined either by the object alone or the object plus the piler's imagination or lack of it. Naive piles usually are the greatest. It's the molecular structure and physical characteristics that give pile materials their nuances of stack ability."